Neck Deep – Electric Ballroom, London 06/02/15

Neck Deep tourBringing pop punk competitors from across the globe to star in one epic pop punk tour, the Intercontinental Championship tour has a wrestling theme that brings bands from Australia, Canada and the USA to fight for the championship title.

Trophy Eyes (6/10) entered stage right to a small crowd that soon grew to a very modest size. The band got them going like any good pop punk band should. Crowd surfers and pits happened throughout the set and it was clear who in the audience knew the band beforehand. However, the vocals sounded out of tune, the band lacked stage presence, and they weren’t thrilling to watch or listen to unless you were already a fan.

Seaway (6/10) came onto the stage to an eager crowd who were ready to have fun. They filled the stage well and kept the crowd on their feet throughout the set. With high energy and a lot of movement on stage it’s easy to see why such a large portion of the crowd were off their feet. The band were consistently good throughout their set but they lacked that wow factor.

Knuckle Puck (7/10) enter staged and the crowd roared with a cheer. The band kick into their set quickly and the crowd love them, showing their appreciation by jumping, singing along and crowd surfing – it was the most energetic they’d been so far. The band performed incredible well, filling the stage well, playing well and keeping the crowd on their feet.

Neck Deep (9/10) are a force to be reckoned with and their performance is clear evidence to that. With huge amounts of energy, incredible vocals, impeccable instrumentation and a stage presence that would make an arena stage look small. The crowd was absolutely loving the band raw energy and spent the entire set off their feet, singing or crowd surfing. With huge amounts of energy, incredible musical performance, the perfect amount of crowd interaction and phenomenal songs, it’s clear to see how the band have gone from playing a 150 capacity venue to 800 capacity venue in the course of a year.

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