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Neberu recently released a new video for their single The Art Of Being Lost. Check it out below! We also caught up with the band’s frontman Calipo to find out a bit more.

Can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band?
I’m Calipo, from Bottrop Germany, 23 years old and the vocalist and frontman of Neberu! Neberu is a progressive metalcore band from Recklinghausen, Germany. The band was founded in December 2012 and we released our debut EP Impulsions on last year’s Christmas eve!

So you’ve just released your single The Art Of Being Lost – could you describe the song-writing process behind it?
Yeah we released it last week on our Youtube channel! Our guitarist had this idea of a three vocalist project for one of our songs. We talked about the concept and combined ideas and there it is. We wanted to write a really heavy brutal song with a lot of groove but still keep the technical influences in it, so we asked a pair of our friends in other bands if they wanted to be a part of it. We got two other vocalists and started writing. When the song was complete and we started recording, one of the other singers jumped off because of his short timetable with his own band. We still wanted to keep this baby going, so we decided to keep it going with only Sushi and me on the vocals. But I think it was the best idea we had because that’s the perfect mix of two shout vocals and we definitely are really proud of the result.

What made you decide to release this one as a single?
Like I said before the idea was to create a song with more than one shout voice on it. Our fans waited so long for new stuff of us and we wanted to show them that we are still there and still writing new songs for our debut full length coming next year. So we decided to create a new single that will not be on the album but shows our fans and listeners that we are alive, also to show them in which direction the sound of the album should go! So we hope they like it!

Are you working on any more new material? If so, would you say the single is a good representative of what to expect with it?
Yes we are writing our debut full length at the moment and are working really hard to get it done. We are so excited to have our debut album done and present you the songs live on stage. Yes I would say The Art Of Being Lost is a good introduction to which direction the album will go… It will be a blast! The album is already sounding massive so keep an eye out for it!

How did you get involved with working with Sebastian from Eskimo Callboy for this song?
Sebastian or like we say, Sushi, has been a good friend of us for a while now! We first met a long time ago to work on our vocal techniques together, so he showed me some styles of his voice and I showed him mine. We became friends and as we told him about the idea with the feature, he jumped at the chance immediately!

You’ve also released an accompanying video for the single – how did you decide on a concept for it?

We wanted to get the lyrical concept of the song into motion pictures. So we decided to make a video for this one to create a better way to show our fans the content of the song!

What’s the story behind the video?
The story behind the video is the lyrics. The story in the lyrics is the process for us as a band or for every artist to write a song or to make art in our modern time and society. It’s about how hard it is to deal with the pressure of society and the fear to fail in what we love the most. We wanted to tell our fans that it is important to do what you want to do and not to do what other people tell us to do. We shouldn’t forget that the most important fact in making art is to make art for ourselves and not for everyone else! If we only make art for making money and to sell as much as we can, the art will be lost and there will be no more individuality because every artist will do what will earn the most money. So never forget to do it for yourself!

Any interesting stories from when you filmed it?
There is a scene where Sirrka the girl in our video had to throw one picture from the easel into another picture on the floor which leaned against the wall. The picture on the floor should fall over but it didn’t. We had to shoot it like fifty times and nothing happens. So our guitarist decided to hide his foot behind the picture and help to get it fall over! You don’t see it in the video. The situation was really funny because everyone on the set were excited when the picture will finally fall over and how many tries we have to do. Stupid little picture haha!

And finally what are Neberu’s plans for 2015?
We will release our debut full length and want to tour as much as we can. We want to show our music to as much people as we can reach and want to get new fans and listeners all over the world! We want to tour Germany, the mainland and hopefully the UK in February/March, so be prepared and catch us live, we always want to get to know new people and show them our music and live show!

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