Natives – Borderline, London 03/04/14

Natives UK TourArches open the gig and with a very lifeless, but musically, well executed set. The band needed to look more into it and move around a bit more. It was a bit dull to watch but musically they were great.

Bleach Blood were on next and the energy the band gave was amazing. The band never kept still and just didn’t stop, however some of the harmonies and drumming suffered. The bassist throughout the set was just screaming randomly which was a put off. However musically minus the few hiccups they performed well and the energy they gave was refreshing in comparison to the previous band.

Natives gave their all for their set, with huge choruses and immense energy. They sounded very much like the record and it’s no wonder the crowd loved them. With powerful vocals and spot on gang harmonies and gang vocals the band shinned and this was portrayed in the energetic crowd. With the whole band, drum solos and competitions for memorabilia it’s easy to see that the band are creative and know how to put on a good show. The band just put in so much energy in to the show you could see it as sweat dropped from each member’s brows. The band are going to blow up in the following year what with their ability to write anthems so catchy that they will bury itself in your mind. They put a lot of raw energy and passion they put into their sets. ¬†Go check them out next time they play near you. It will be worth the money.


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