NARCS – A Thinking Animal Review

narcs a thinking animalA Thinking Animal by NARCS is an intriguing and interesting listen, and what makes it so engaging is the fact there’s not really anything else in the industry that sounds quite like this band. It’s a very powerful and in-your-face sound, with the band mixing several different approaches and styles into their music.

Something particularly good about this album is the vocal performance – it’s very versatile and showcases many different styles, including harsh, clean, half-wailed, bellowed and more, meaning that they fit in with all the different musical approaches on the album well. Indeed, the passion and energy that NARCS display as a whole from start to finish is magnificent, no matter whether a song is fast-paced or more laid-back, and it’s nice to hear a consistent performance throughout.

Some of the album highlights include punchy number Head Boy Sonnet, which seems like a track tailor-made for a live environment with plenty of opportunities for crowd participation, and earlier track Pig which is a more laid-back and chilled piece that feels light and airy, and almost relaxing in comparison!

As a whole, NARCS have made a great piece with A Thinking Animal. This is a band that you need to get familiar with!


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