Nachtlieder – The Female Of The Species Review

nachtlieder The Female Of The SpeciesNachtlieder, the black metal project from Dagny Susanne, is back with its second full-length album, The Female Of The Species. The album features some real high points, but on the other hand there’s also elements of it that leave a lot to be desired, so it inevitably levels out as an ‘alright’ piece.

Penultimate track Cimmerian Child is an absolute monster of a track; it has a great old-school black metal vibe with a modern swing to it and it’s one of those tracks you’ll keep wanting to come back to. The mighty repeating guitar riff swiftly worms its way into your head, the powerful drums will get your feet tapping along in time to the rhythm and the vocals are nice and strong, with Susanne bellowing them like there’s no tomorrow.

However, there’s also occasions where the album falls a little short, with tracks such as Malice, Come Closer and Nightfall blending into one another rather than having their own unique identities, so at times it can be a little difficult distinguishing one track from the next. The energy behind the musical performance is great, and the doomier elements give the album an extra bite, but a little more variety between the songs would definitely go a long way.

As a whole, The Female Of The Species is a decent enough listen and shows a lot of potential for the project to grow even further than it has already.


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