Nachtblut – Chimonas Review

Nachtblut ChimonasChimonas is the long-awaited new album from German dark metallers Nachtblut, a band who I have been keeping an eye on ever since they completely blew me away at Wolfszeit Festival 2014 with their mindblowing live performance. There’s just something about this talented outfit that sets them head and shoulders above the competition and Chimonas absolutely pays testament to this.

All killer and no filler could well be the best way to describe Chimonas, which is a succinct and powerful ten-track release packed full of fantastic music and showcasing some excellent songwriting.

An early highlight is mini-epic Wien 1683, beginning with the most majestic of introductions and the track truly becomes something to behold when the vocals kick in, with frontman Askeroth giving a grim and dark performance that really adds that extra ‘oomph’ to an already-formidable track. Kalt wie ein Grab is another powerful inclusion, with the band projecting a crushingly heavy riff at you almost as soon as the song starts, and the band keeps the momentum going right through to the eerie and atmospheric ending that finishes with white noise that cuts off abruptly.

However, the song that absolutely steals the show is the absolutely mindblowing Märchen. Grabbing your attention with a striking introduction that swiftly builds things up until the vocals get going, and the song really holds your interest from start to finish, and a particular highlight is the guitar solo from Greif, a fantastically complex and technical inclusion that fits seamlessly into the song.

Nachtblut have taken things up a notch with Chimonas and have crafted an absolutely faultless album. If you’re looking for an engaging, unique, rewarding and all-round mindblowing listen, then Chimonas is an album for you.


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