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At the moment, MyOnlyChance are one of my favourite bands, their latest EP ‘Bright Lights And Silhouettes’ is constantly on my iPod right now, it’s a great collection of modern rock songs. Hailing from Northamptonshire the band consist of  vocalist Laura Zumbe, Tom Stilgoe – Drums and production, Rob Morgan and Aaron Johncock – Guitars and Andrew Stephens – Bass. The bands sound is definitely a form of catchy rock, but with a darker edge and song writing that feels very accomplished. We managed to catch up with this busy band as they were preparing for some gigs to raise some money for their next EP and ask them some questions.


Who are you and what do you do?
We are MyOnlyChance and it’s our job to go crazy on stage and make sure everyone is dancing and having an awesome time.


How did you get started?
In 2007 Rob and Aaron formed the band as a college project, during that year they decided to take it more seriously and after a few change arounds finalised the line up in 2008 adding Tom (who met the guys when he recorded a demo for the band in its early days), Andrew and Laura. With this line up we quickly wrote Take Two & Bright lights and Silhouettes.


What have you got going on at the moment?
It’s all very busy at the moment, We are currently writing and making plans for our next release. We are trying to get people to help us fund our next studio visit by buying some of our merch from or from us directly at a gig. We plan on lots of gigging of course! Also trying to grow our online fanbase on twitter, facebook and myspace. We have recently made our first EP “Take Two” available for free on we look after our fans!


Favourite music and why?
Bands like Mew and Brand New because of their unique take on their genres. We love to see bands that arent doing the usual. Also it’s cool to see bands create atmospheric “moody” music using minimal, ambient guitar sounds, sometimes less really is more, oh yeah!


Favourite book and why?
Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahnuik, because it’s a great mind bending book with an emotionally provocative punch.


Favourite film and why?
You probably hear this a lot but as a band we must say Anchorman! We owe a lot to that movie as it effectively invented our sense of humour. The chances are that if you don’t know who Will Ferrell is then you probably won’t understand a word we say!


Best experience in the business?
Going on tour! We’ve been on two now and nothing beats it! Just being on the road for two weeks with your best friends, doing what you love, seeing new places, meeting new people everyday. It can be hard work too, but it’s definitely worth it. Our tour diaries are on youtube and facebook.


Tell our readers an interesting fact about your band?
Tom can’t burp! And Rob still can’t believe it’s not butter. Other than that we are totally boring!


Who are our role models/idols?
Anyone that has chosen to follow music as their profession. It can be very hard at times, but those who stand on the big stages (having earned it) have our respect.


Hardest thing about the current business?
We’re still fresh to the industry and luckily have had a pretty smooth ride so far but we look forward to whatever the future holds for us.

Well there you go, that’s MyOnlyChance, a band I really urge you to check out. Like they said, you can download the first EP for free or get a copy of  ‘Bright Lights And Silhouettes’ from the bands webstore or iTunes. You can listen to couple of tracks on the bands facebook page and follow the band on twitter, they like nothing more to chat and interact with their fans and are a great bunch of people so go say hello.
Words: Paul Esp

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