My Chemical Romance – Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff 21/02/11

The American’s drove into town today and with them they brought some familiar faces. Support came from UK bands Lost Alone and welsh boys, The Blackout.

Lost Alone managed to fill the stage well for a 3 piece, and rocked well enough with their brand of 80’s style pop-rock. Where they were lacking was the actually crowd interaction and movement that can usually be commanded by a bigger band or a band with a lead singer who isn’t playing guitar. But nevertheless, Lost Alone most definitely deserved the slot on this tour and they played with all their might.

Next up on the stage were the home boys The Blackout. As ever they were energetic and lively enough, but for a support act they spoke a bit too much and probably could fit another song in if they’d have ditched all the talking. They played through a mix of their albums and tried to get the crowd involved. All in all, a nice performance.

My Chemical Romance blew onto the stage in a flurry of jazz hands and rocking riffs (as you’d probably expect). The set was nicely mixed up covering their 3 latest albums and they stuck in my favourite track, “Vampire Money” (to which I headbanged and fell back about 5 rows… thanks to the girls who caught me!). Rumours were flying around from previous dates in this tour that the band were going to be playing Vampires Will Never Hurt You as their last song and other tracks from the first album. Now disappointed is a strong word, as this gig was still amazing, but disappointed is exactly what I feel in relation to the fact they didn’t even play one single song from the first album when only two months ago I saw them rock about 4 or 5 into a set in London.

The gig was a good one overall, with a few minor disappointments here and there… a shame really because it could’ve easily been the best show My Chemical Romance have ever rocked into Cardiff.


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