Mustan Kuun Lapset – Saatto Review

mustan-kuun-lapset-saato2017 has only just got underway, but already it’s shaping up to be a good year for music if the new album from Mustan Kuun Lapset is anything to go by – this is an absolutely incredible collection of songs!

Saatto is the first full-length album from Mustan Kuun Lapset since 2007’s Viimeinen laulu kuolemasta (the band having been on hiatus for a while following the album’s release) and the progression between the two is stunning to bear witness to. Mustan Kuun Lapset has always been a fantastic band, but Saato definitely sees the band reaching the next level.

The introduction for the album is stunning, setting the scene well and bringing a good amount of ambience and atmosphere before the piece gets fully underway with Peikonmieli, a triumphant opening with some hard-hitting instrumental performances and a powerful vocal line that couples perfectly with it. One of the best things about Mustan Kuun Lapset’s approach on this album is the fact that they aren’t relying solely on the vocals to progress the music – a lot of the music is instrumentally driven, and it’s a more refreshing listen as a result.

The two-part track Valkoinen satama is another impressive and adventurous inclusion, and the way that the track is split works well – the first half, entitled Haaksi, is a heavy and in-your-face number, and the second half, Tyven, is a soft melodic number with some stunning clean female vocals that will give you goosebumps.

However, the highlight of Saatto has to be fifth track Cilice, which is an adventure from start to finish. The repeating melody that crops up multiple times in the song is a definite earworm that you’ll soon find stuck in your head after you’ve finished listening, and the juxtaposition of it performed on acoustic guitar swiftly followed by a heavier approach on electric guitar is tremendous. Additionally, the momentum packed into the drumline is awesome and will certainly get your foot tapping as the song progresses. If you only check out one song from the album, make sure it’s this one.

I mentioned in my review of last year’s Kuolemanvirta EP that it served as more of an appetiser for their upcoming album, and that certainly rings true with Saatto. This album has not only exceeded my high expectations, it’s gone above and beyond. 2017 is off to a tremendous start already – long live Mustan Kuun Lapset!


Preorder from here, or get it bundled with their Kuolemanvirta EP from here.

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