Mustan Kuun Lapset – Kuolemanvirta Review

mustan kuun lapset kuolemanvirtaIt’s been a while since we’ve had new material from Mustan Kuun Lapset, given that the band disbanded in 2007, but they’re now back with their brand new EP Kuolemanvirta, and their performance at Nummirock will be serving as the release party for it.

Admittedly, this EP does feel like an appetiser before the main course as out of the four tracks on it, only one (Kuolemanvirta) is a new song, with the other tracks consisting of a re-recorded version of a song from their back catalogue and two live tracks, but this is nevertheless a good collection of songs and everything flows well as a whole – the four tracks work well together.

If new song Kuolemanvirta is anything to go by, then surely a full length release from Mustan Kuun Lapset is going to absolutely knock our socks off because this is a song that really delivers. There’s a nice bit of melody to the music, showing a slightly different side to the band and additionally, there’s tonnes of emotion to the delivery which makes it even more of a rewarding listen.

Whilst Kuolemanvirta may be more of an EP to whet your appetite, it also shows that nine years after their last album, Mustan Kuun Lapset have still got it. Now bring on Nummirock…!


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