Murdock – Dead Lung Review

AlbumcoverDead Lung, the latest offering from Irish hardcore/punk crew Murdock, is a good little slab of noise from the three-piece.

There’s a great deal of energy to be found within the twelve tracks and Dead Lung doesn’t lose any momentum from start to finish – Murdock are tireless in their endeavour and they work well at projecting a meaty wall of noise at you, however at times it does feel like it’s a bit much. There’s no doubt that Murdock would be a force to be reckoned with in a live environment as the music is made for headbanging and moshing to, but it’s all a little overwhelming at times on CD and after a while the songs all sound fairly similar to one another.

Additionally, there’s nothing about Dead Lung that truly sets Murdock apart from the crowd. There’s nothing implicitly bad about the music but there’s also nothing unique about it and it lacks that ‘special sparkle’.

Dead Lung is a good album, there’s no mistaking that. It just doesn’t quite verge into being a great one.


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