Muert – Ye Canariae Abezan Review

What is Muerts’ third album is a cacophony of necrotic themes that blacken the lines between thrash and punk more than any corpse paint ever has. Hailing from Tenerife, a popular holiday destination for many, these black metallers have said fuck off to melodic black metal and party with necrophilial flare.

Ye Canariae Abezan is for all intents and purposes an album that stays true to second-wave movement. There’s so much reverb on the vocals that it sounds like someone put Ralph on speaker through the porcelain telephone. Within the mix however this fits the style which has been nailed better than any Roman criminal. Black metal is an undying monster and this album is a Kaiju with the strength and power to seriously destroy Tokyo (or Tenerife in this instance.)

True to form this unholy massacre of an album unironically uses the black metal gimmick to paint a destitute picture. However monochromatic that may be. For the most part though this is an album that doesn’t require any colour from its compositions. As its intricate licks and detailed riffs more than compensate for the lack of an ensemble.

Reminiscent of bands like Sarcophago, Abigor and Marduk Ye Canariae Abezan is a heavy recollection that hits like a hangover. With weighty riffs and frisky blast beats Muert have successfully necro’d an old threat to the sanity of the masses. Although Muert don’t bring anything new to the table what they have got is a massive bloody heart, still beating, freshly pumping poison into the airwaves.


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