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Moving Brooklyn - IntervalsMoving Brooklyn’s new EP Intervals was record at Nada Studios where some big names like Brand New, My Chemical Romance and We Are The In Crowd also recorded and its a great piece of work. The EP opens with If I Ever and the song opens with a cheerful bright instrumental before the vocals kick in and it’s a pleasantly catchy. With a well executed bridge in the middle of the song, it really shows of the bands writing ability. The song ends on some gang vocals.

Divorce Rock Record is a more punk driven song which opens with some shouting and a snare heavy drum beat. Some quick riffs really give this song a pop punk edge and a break down in the song really adds a heavier angry feel. In the outro there are multiple singers overlaying each other giving it a Taking Back Sunday feel, early 2000’s pop punk feel, which is a great finish to the song.

Parlor Tricks is a slightly slower track. The song opens with some drums doing a fairly basic beat. The bass has a bigger role on this song and does a lot to back up the instruments. With a gang vocals breakdown and some tom heavy drum beat to break up the song, it’s a fairly happy sounding song which is always nice.

Overall the albums really well written. The vocalist has an amazing voice, the drums are effective and are fairly complex throughout the EP and the bass nicely complements the rest of the band. The guitars are well done with some clever riffs. The song writing ability of the band are impressive with good breakdowns and catchy choruses. This band are going to go somewhere so keep an eye out!


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