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Mother Feather

Next month, Mother Feather will be releasing their debut album! We caught up with Ann from the band to find out more.

Can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band?
My name is Ann Courtney and I am the frontwoman of Mother Feather. We are from New York City and we play pop cock rock. The reason you’ve never heard of that genre until now is because I made it up. “Pop cock rock” is an elevator pitch—if we only have a few minutes together in an elevator and you want to know what Mother Feather sounds like, it’s the most succinct, evocative way I can accurately describe it. Mother Feather also includes Elizabeth Carena, Matt Basile, Chris Foley, and Gunnar Olsen.

You’re currently getting ready to release your new album Mother Feather – can you describe the writing and recording process for it?
Our debut full-length album was recorded over a period of many years—we didn’t know that we were making a full-length album. We were plugging along releasing four-song EPs on a schedule that was friendlier for an independent band producing and releasing their own music. Then Metal Blade approached us with this beautiful opportunity to include those recordings as part of a full-length album.

These songs represent Mother Feather’s inception, my pop cock rock catharsis, and a magical time when I felt like I had lightning bolts shooting out of my fingertips. It’s incredible how long the process of writing and recording and releasing music can take, but recordings are like the light from stars— it takes years before it reaches you.

Did you do anything different with recording the album, compared to your previous two EPs?
We included two tracks, The Power and Natural Disaster and Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound (who’d mastered the EPs) re-mastered the entire album, which somehow came out sounding even better the second go-around!

As the album features songs from the EPs as well as new material, was it a challenge to make the new material fit with the older material, or did it all just work?
They all sound like Mother Feather.

Which track are you most proud of?
That’s like asking which of your children you’re most proud of. There might be an answer but you’re not allowed to say it out loud!

You’re also going to be heading out on Warped Tour in June, July and August. What can fans expect from the shows?
If we’re lucky, pop cock rock catharsis for everyone! Danceable rock and roll, hot licks, hearty party grooves, and a couple of bad chicks being really, really good.

What are you most looking forward to about it?
The audiences! What I’m learning about Warped Tour fans is that they are devoted, passionate, and excited. That’s who we want on our team! I’m also really looking forward to the opportunity to be onstage almost everyday for seven weeks straight!

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