Interview With The Mosh Against Cancer Organisers

Mosh Against Cancer 2014

Mosh Against Cancer 2014 is almost upon us! Taking place over May 17 and 18, and all for a good cause, we caught up with the organisers to get more of an insight into the event. Check it out below!

Mosh Against Cancer is now in its second year – how did it first all come together?
Marc: It started like things always start, we were drunk! It was Alan’s idea really, his brainchild. I’ll shut up and let the Norths respond to this one.
Alan: Our nan died and wanted to do something for her. A drunk conversation went too far and we decided to run with it.
Marc: So we got in touch with a bunch of local bands and decided to put on an all dayer. I never actually thought we would do it. It’s usually just nonsense when we get drunk!
Ian: 10 bands played, we raised about £750 and had a ball so we decided to do it again.
Marc: And because we’re all men, it had to be bigger and better!
Ian: And we are too fat to run a marathon and we have crossdressed too much for it to be funny, so we couldn’t really do anything else.
Marc: Cross dressing is becoming normal for you now Ian.
Ian: I’m currently dressed as wonder woman.

What prompted the decision to put it on over two days this year rather than one?
Marc: Alan.
Ian: Interest from bands. They started to approach us. We had enough offers to do 3 days but we are too lazy for that.
Marc: Next year maybe 🙂
Ian: Bigger bands got interested and the Lomax gave us the room for 2 days so we thought why not.
Marc: There were a lot of bands that couldn’t play last year that were eager to do it.
Ian: Same for this year. We are still having bands wanting to be added. Possibly 60 more have approached us.

How easy/difficult has it been this year to sort? Is it easier now that it’s in its second year, or has it been a little more difficult as there’s an extra day this year?
Ian: More of everything makes it more difficult.
Marc: Tbh getting the bands to play was pretty easy. It’s a cause close to a lot of people’s hearts, including ours as we’ve already mentioned.
Ian: Last year was just us messing around but this year it has to appear more professional.
Marc: Appear is the operative word. It’s getting close and the squeaky bums have started!
Alan: The extra organising of times and equipment has been difficult.

What’s been the most rewarding thing about putting Mosh Against Cancer on?
Alan: Doing something for a good cause.
Marc: Seeing the enthusiasm of the people around us for this great cause has been mine.
Ian: Getting involved with the bands and seeing what lengths people will go to help us. No band will be making money from this gig.
Alan: The unity of the scene at a time when we are getting a lot of bad press.
Ian: This is where we encourage people to buy the merch from the bands.
Alan: Putting on boss bands

What was the best thing about last year’s event?
Ian: Having Ian McKormack playing.
Alan: Not the hangover!
Marc: Everyone’s willingness. In all respects.
Ian: Wverything was awesome. All the bands got together and had a ball. The atmosphere was great and all the bands played their arses off. Also Pandemik playing Barbie Girl!
Marc: Everyone was so generous, it was a beautiful thing. Smellys unite for a common cause 🙂
Ian: The staff at the Lomax. Especially Frank who is now a local legend. Discovering that Rain May Fall are not emos!

What band are you most happy about getting involved for this year?
Ian: Conquest Of Steel.
Marc: For me it’s Eastern Front and Ninkharsag. I’m a bit of a black metal fan. 🙂
Alan: Lawnmower Deth. Also Ian McKormack is back.
Marc: Except Pandemik. Did you know there’s a Pandemik tribute band playing this year? Called Panda Mike. You heard it here first!
Alan: I went through YouTube listening to 1 track from every band and I couldn’t believe how good they were!
Marc: I agree with that. Blown away by the talent we’ve got.
Ian: It’s almost too good for a bunch of mongs!
Alan: The Mersey metal scene at the moment is fantastic and should get more coverage. There’s more to it than Carcass.

Are there any bands you’d like to get onboard for next year, or is that early days yet?
Ian: Don’t make me wet my pants!! Watch this space.
Marc: The bands we’ve been talking to….you’ll shit. There are bands that couldn’t do this year that I’d like to have next year.
Ian: The people who have got in touch with us so far is unbelievable. We have created some kind of monster!!

What can those going to Mosh Against Cancer expect from the two days?
Ian: A hangover. Cheap drinks.
Marc: A massive hangover!
Ian: Headbanging.
Marc: A great laugh, some awesome bands.
Ian: Moshpits. Snakes.
Ian: Possibly arm wrestling with a UFC legend.
Marc: Another ‘you heard it here first’!
Ian: Monkey business.
Marc: Haha! Yeah defo monkey business. 😉
Ian: A really good good
Marc: I do like a good good.
Ian: A few days with the best metal has to offer without having to morgate your house and the chance to buy some t shirts. Maybe the return of the thong a mong Olympics. Piley ons. It’s just got silly.
Alan: A dry shirt comp.

Any messages to those still on the fence about attending?
Ian: Alan says something about splinters.
Marc: You’d be soft not to make the effort. It’s two days of metal for next to nothing. Look at the quality of the bands and all proceeds go to a fantastic charity. How could you not come?!
Ian: If you are into metal and against cancer buy a ticket. It’s dirt cheap and to see most of these bands again you will have to pay twice the price.
Marc: We never throw a shit party either!
Ian: Ain’t no party like a thrashmong party!!
Alan: There’s something for everyone. Thrash, black, death, grunge, groove, power, snakes, Viking, tech, stoner, hard rock and pandas.
Ian: 23 bands for less than 20 quid.

And anything else you’d like to add?
Ian: I’d like to give a shout out to Nick from Impact Zone and Hez at Rising Rebellion for radio.
Alan: I’d like to mention our sponsors Northern Soul Tattoos, Corazon Tattoos and Crash Studios.


Tickets are now onsale, with the option to buy weekend tickets for £18.00 and day tickets for £10.00 (plus booking fees) from this location.

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