Mos Generator – Abyssinia Review

mos generator abyssiniaMos Generator has always been a consistent band, steadily releasing solid and powerful albums over the course of their sixteen-year career and they show no signs of stopping with their latest effort, Abyssinia.

It’s gritty and groovy, showcasing Mos Generator doing what they do best and is musically very tight, both in the vocal and instrumental performances. The confidence and emotion in the album can’t be faulted, with a particular highlight being the closer Outlander, a softer piece with proggier tones that shows another side to the band with gentle instrumentation and completely clean vocals (in contrast to the half-sang, half-bellowed delivery that is commonplace on the rest of the songs).

However, that’s not to say that the more energetic songs don’t pack a punch too – Catspaw is a relentless hard-hitting number that will get your foot stomping in time to it, and As Above So Below is a groovier number that sounds downright dirty in the best possible way.

Although as a whole, Abyssinia doesn’t really bring anything new to the table when it comes to Mos Generator, for what it is, it’s a great album and is an accessible listen for both new and old fans alike. Each song is gripping in its own way and nothing stands out as a ‘bad’ track. An all-round decent listen.


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