Mortiis/PIG – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow 11/03/17

swine and punihsmentTaking the headliners into account with both Mortiis and <PIG> co-headlining the Swine and Punishment tour it would be naive to think anything about this show could not be an intense evening. Sparing a few hiccups and full on burps, that expectancy was met in full.

Backing that up we had Seraph Sin, who have certainly done their rounds in Glasgow, and who gallantly returned to these familiar shores with a refined set and a more serious tone in their show. Biting back hard and heavy they grabbed the crowd by the bollocks and only let go to introduce new guitarist Scott Wilson, who slaughtered the harsh, aggressive punk with a diffident power in contrast to the more animated front man Gabriel.

With it being a co-headline tour it was a flip of a coin on who was playing next and in this show we were given the broadening Great Deceiver tour by Mortiis. With it being only the second night of the UK tour the guys were still warming up to the night but their professionalism shone through like a dark light. Playing both music and the crowd like a beast being tamed. The demons were back in Glasgow and it felt like being in The Bronze of Buffy fame but without the teen drama.

<PIG> as they are today are a bit of an industrial super-group featuring members of KMFDM, ex-Combichristian Z. Marr and En Esch himself. It was without a doubting Peppa an intimidating show. The band met the stage in pig masks as Raymond Watts the Lord of Lard played the pastiche of pork with flare and confidence.

It was with a tight sound and some tidy playing that put their being into making it like a sauna in Ivory Blacks. With the crowd not as familiar with the newer tracks it wasn’t until the KMFDM classics came out that the crowd started moving from front to back.

Depeche Mode weren’t around so <PIG> killed the motherfucking crowd instead. Only to then gloat, by coming back to supplement our industrial pallet with an encore that resonated with the light of lard, the God Ray-mond Watts. Where The Gospel tracks were perfectly arranged within the set and taught us that there’s a bacon of hope in a land without lard.


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