Morganway – No Tomorrows Review

no-tomorrows-artworkIt’s always nice to discover some well-constructed and emotive folk music, and Morganway’s new EP No Tomorrows is just that. A beautiful and ambient piece, it shows the band giving an emotive and heartfelt performance from start to finish and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

There’s nothing that really sets No Tomorrows apart from the crowd, so it may not be one of the most individual or standout EPs out there, but nevertheless it is still a great piece of work and is certainly something you’ll want to keep coming back to. It’s a hypnotic and immersive listen – the instrumentation throughout is light and airy, giving the songs a relaxed and almost laid-back feel, and it gives the EP a really good vibe as a result.

The combination of female and male vocals is a nice pairing, and two different tones complement each other perfectly. Second song Hearts Of Fire is a particularly good example of this, with the pair singing in sync with one another in the chorus but with different melodies, and the softness of the female vocals paired with the bolder male vocals is enough to give you goosebumps.

All in all, a rather lovely little listen – I just wish that it was a full-length rather than a five track EP, as it certainly feels that Morganway has a lot of potential after hearing this.


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