More Than Life – What’s Left of Me Review

More Than Life - What's Left of MeThe More Than Life album opens with an instrumental track titled Sleep. It’s a nice build into what follows. The sound of More Than Life is similar to early Alexisonfire.

Weight of the World has melodic guitars and driving drums accompanied by an emotional vocal performance. It’s a great opening track for what is already promising to be a great album early on.

Title track, What’s Left of Me features some more harmonious vocals and loses the harsh tones, which is a welcome change, alternating between the two.

Threshold is a beautiful track, opening with just a simply 4/4 drumbeat and the lulling guitar. It’s supported by a soft but promising vocal performance, but this track is mostly about the instrumentation and the atmosphere the music can create and create it certainly does.

The album ends with Love Is Not Enough, which leads into an instrumental outro, which is beautifully crafted with an acoustic guitar and strings.

More Than Life have a unique sound for the moment at least. They have a sound that is full of scape and will certainly help build a solid fan base. A really enjoyable listen.


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