Morass of Molasses – These Paths We Tread Review

_Morass Of Molasses Album CoverAccording to the press release Morass of Molasses first album, following from their ground breaking debut EP, it will leave you with a deep stirring in the loins. I can say that after many days listening to this album that I haven’t developed any kind of IBS but (no pun intended,) it has left me feeling fuzzy from all the distortion, so maybe I can’t tell me head from my arse, who knows?

With a healthy measure of blues the Doom destined scholars of Morass of Molasses deliver a groovy theo-critical journey that’s going to get feet tapping and butts bouncing. With the sort of funk that’s best enjoyed with a cold one this album is heavy with accessible rhythms while roaring with hot riffs through a chilled tempo.

Titled These Paths We Tread the routes that the band goes down to bring you engaging and melodic doom infused soul are varied and show that the band are smart riff slayers with an ear for the dramatic. These guys don’t follow a google generated map to get to their destination, they know the way and will gleefully take you to places you never knew existed. They know their sonic topography and rock with it accordingly.

Maybe I was wrong about the IBS, my butt has perpetually swayed from side to side coasting on the relentless chords and drum patterns that are now firmly etched into my cushion. Even as the albums’ title inspires songs to take walking with you the spooky but languid atmosphere it creates is far more suited to lazy days spent playing air guitar with headphones on. These Path We Tread lead to a nice place to rock out.


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