Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika Review

moonsorrowIt feels like it’s been a long wait for Moonsorrow’s seventh full-length album – about five years, in fact – but good things come to those who wait because Jumalten Aika is certainly one of Moonsorrow’s strongest releases to date.

Jumalten Aika opens with its title track and it’s instantly clear why this track was chosen as the title track because it’s an absolutely mighty offering that draws the listener in whilst simultaneously showing what can perhaps be expected from the rest of the album. A particularly strong element of the track is the keyboards; at first they echo the guitar lines but then progress into their own line and it’s a particularly striking delivery, especially just after the ten-minute mark – I challenge you to listen to that and not wind up with that section stuck in your head afterwards, especially since it reappears multiple times before the track comes to a close!

Admittedly the other four tracks don’t quite reach the high that Jumalten Aika created but that’s not to say they’re bad – the opener just set the bar at an impossible high and the other songs all deliver tremendously. Suden Tunti has a bit more of an old-school Moonsorrow vibe and at just over seven minutes in duration, is perhaps the most accessible track on the album and Mimisbrunn has a great bit of melody to it courtesy of the group vocals and massive searing guitar lines as well as some lush keyboard parts that serve well at dividing the track up in addition to adding a good amount of melody to the more aggressive sections.

As a whole, Jumalten Aika is indeed a mighty offering and showcases Moonsorrow at the top of their game – and I for one can’t wait to witness these songs live on their upcoming UK tour.


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