Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Vol. 1 Review

moon duo Occult Architecture Vol 1Occult Architecture is the fourth album from Moon Duo, and is split into two parts. Volume 1 is the darker of the two parts, symbolising the ‘Yin’ in the Chinese theory of ‘Yin And Yang’ and leans on the darker qualities of Moon Duo’s music.

On the outside, Volume 1 sounds quite energetic and airy, not necessarily what you may be expecting from the music, but look a little deeper and the melancholy and darkness, particularly in the vocal performance, is definitely there. This approach works particularly well because it ultimately makes the listener look a little deeper into the music – and makes it a more immersive listen as a result.

Indeed, the vocals are what makes this album shine in the way it does. The melancholic and almost morose tinge to them works wonders, definitely highlighting the fact that less is more, and the emotion in them is great – you can really feel them yourself as the album progresses. Musically, there’s not a lot to be faulted either. Moon Duo give an empowered and passionate instrumental performance featuring some great complex moments and combining them with more simplistic elements, and it all just blends together well, with highlights including the fast-paced Creepin’ and the rather epic closing track White Rose.

As a whole, this is a great album, and if Volume 1 is anything to go by, then we’ll be in store for a real treat when it comes to the release of Volume 2.


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