Monday’s Music Montage

We curated part of YouTube for a killer playlist to kick start your week. Want to listen on our playlist on YouTube?

Buckethead – Want Some Slaw
Buckethead is the epitome of finger licking riffs, and a psycho apparently.

Vorna – Tie varjoista
Our friends in Vorna are playing at Nummirock in a few days and we couldn’t be prouder! Here’s their most recent release.

Full of Keys – Heart
Full of Keys are a progressive rock group from Sweden and their track Heart is a killer song to open (up) to.

Carach Angren – Pitch Black Box
Carach recently released their new album and damn, it’s good! Pitch Black Box is a definite highlight.

Koan – Uncloak
Moscow based psybient duo Koan have got some tasty synths to resonate with you through the day.

Ajattara – Ave Satana
It’s been several months since Ajattara released their latest opus but we STILL can’t stop listening to this masterpiece!

Astral Projection – Open Society (Atomic Pulse Remix)
Pump up the jam, pump it up, pump it up. Israeli duo Astral Projection (remixed by Atomic Pulse) has more jam than your average jam filled doughnut.

Whispered – Blade In The Snow
Too much to hope that they’ll play this at Nummirock this year but you never know!!

Golden Axe – The Wilderness (Aki Järvinen Remix)
Just as iconic as Blue Monday but with more (actual) magic.

Swallow The Sun – Ten Silver Bullets
There’s always time for Swallow The Sun – and Ten Silver Bullets is a very powerful and impactful tune.

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