Momentum – The Freak Is Alive Review

Momentum The Freak Is AliveIt’s always good when a band is able to achieve the perfect balance between heavy and melodic, and an album that absolutely delivers in that respect is The Freak Is Alive, the second album from Icelandic atmospheric progressive doomsters (no, seriously – that is the best way to describe their sound!) Momentum.

There’s crushingly heavy sections that will absolutely floor you, and then there’s delicately gentle parts that add so much atmosphere with sheer simplicity. The vocals are a particularly strong point and whilst the general style of delivery doesn’t really change too much – aside from a few snarlier sections in parts – they fit well with either style, showing off just how versatile their vocalist truly is and how well his voice works with the music.

Creator Of Malignant Metaphors is a particularly strong example of this. Opening with aggressive guitars and drums, and half-bellowed vocals, the vocals swiftly drift into a softer delivery whilst the instrumentation is still as crushing as ever. The track continues in much the same way, and then everything changes when a gentle and sparse section that juxtaposes magnificently against the previous heaviness. It’s a risky move, that much is clear, yet it works for Momentum because of how confident and together the band is.

If you’re looking for a unique listen that’s bound to keep you on your toes, then look no further than The Freak Is Alive – Momentum have gone against the norm and created something that stands apart from the crowd, and for that they deserve to be commended.


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