Momentum – Fixation, At Rest Review

Momentum Fixation At RestWhilst we wait for the follow-up to Momentum’s incredible sophomore album The Freak Is Alive, the band’s label Dark Essence have treated their fans to a reissue of their debut album Fixation, At Rest and it’s a great glimpse into the band’s beginnings – you can really tell that Momentum have put their heart and soul into it.

When looking back at this album, you can really see the progression between the two albums and how the band has grown since putting this release out – and it makes for a really refreshing and enjoyable listen. Whilst it’s not quite as together and ‘organised’ as The Freak Is Alive, it does have this wonderful raw, almost rough, feel to it – and it really does work.

An early highlight of the album is the eclectic Metamorphose – a track which fits its title well, due to the different sections and ideas in the track morphing into one another and it really sets the scene well for what you may expect from the rest of the album. Another great inclusion is later track Prosthetic Sea, a more punky and noisier track that sees a more energetic approach from Momentum, a sheer contrast to the purely melodic and laid back track that follows, The Eye That Leads The Way.

As a whole, Fixation, At Rest is a great listen and although it doesn’t quite hit the heights of their sophomore album, it’s still a very worthwhile listen and one you’ll definitely want to return to.


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