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When a band makes a “DIY” release, it really shows you how committed they are to getting their music out there and I think that is a great attitude to have. This is exactly what Mojo Waves, a band from the Helsinki Metropolitan in Finland, have done, having recorded, produced and released their new album Lo And Behold! by themselves. It’s impossible to pigeonhole this band into a specific genre – the band themselves have said they don’t restrict themselves to one genre! – but their distinctive style just works.

The album opens with Shout, which is an apt name for vocalist Arttu’s style of delivery! I actually felt a little bit of a Exit_International vibe from it, as the vocal style for both bands is a little similar. The guitars in this track are fantastically catchy and the whole track is just nice and noisy, a really memorable opening to the album.

Following this is Skylights, a song that swiftly gets stuck in your head due to the infectious chorus. Despite the fact it’s only a simple section of the song, basically being the word “Skylight!” yelled numerous times, accompanied by a guitar riff, this is certainly a track that I can see being a lot of fun to watch live – no doubt this is a track destined for some audience participation!

The sheer aggression of Mousetrap both in style and delivery really makes this one of the standout songs of the album. Whilst this track maybe isn’t quite as “catchy” as the previous songs or have a specific part that sticks in your head, the track is just extremely well-constructed and I adore the energy in this one, particularly as it is nearing the end!

Tidal is a little different, due to the fact it is an entirely instrumental number. It really showcases the musical ability of each member and what’s great is that it leads into the following track Greens, so it almost feels like an extended introduction in a way, especially as some of the ideas from Tidal appear in Greens as well. A very nice touch.

Album closer It’s Just A Road, Yeah! is another great track and is a good way to end the album, going out on a high. The introduction is just fast-paced and energetic, and it’s like the band have gone all-out to ensure that they really give this one their all. The album come to a close with yelled vocals of “It’s just a road, yeah!” before ending abruptly, which works extremely well – it’s like the band have used up all their energy and had to stop!

Overall, a very promising release from an upcoming band and I just wish there was a way I could afford to get out to Finland to catch these guys live!

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