Moise – Molokai Review

moise molokaiMolokai, the debut EP by Moise, is indeed an intriguing listen. A largely ambient piece, with a nice element of post-metal for good measure, the five tracks that make up Molokai are stunning and work well at drawing the listener into the piece.

One of the best things about Molokai is the way Moise weave their story as they move from one track to the next. It seems like everything has its exact time and place, and it’s clear that Moise have spent a long time constructing and perfecting Molokai due to the seamless flow.

A high point of Molokai comes in the second track Running Man Ruddy Turnstone, which has a wonderful amount of energy and movement to it, and it almost feels like the music is running due to the pace and sharp delivery of it.

There’s only one element of the EP that falls a little short and it’s the fact that at times, it does feel a little repetitive, with some points in tracks feeling like they’re being dragged out unnecessarily with Moise repeating the same idea over and over, and although in an odd sort of way it does work on occasion, Molokai would have perhaps benefitted from a few cuts and edits in order to keep things ‘fresh’.

As a whole, however, Molokai is a rewarding and engaging listen – there’s a lot of potential within this EP, so it will be interesting to see where Moise go from here.


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