Miss Vincent – Reasons Not To Sleep Review

Artwork Reasons Not To SleepI have to admit it – when it comes to music, I sway a lot more towards the heavier side of the spectrum purely because it takes a lot for a purely melodic band to pique my interest. Step in Miss Vincent, a punk rock band hailing from Southampton, who are currently getting ready to release their new EP Reasons Not To Sleep.

Admittedly the gang/group vocals are phenomenally cheesy and sound somewhat dated in comparison to the rest of the EP, but aside from that it’s a pretty good listen. The music as a whole has a nice edge of melancholy to it all and it subsequently sets Miss Vincent apart from the crowd, showing that there’s more to the music than some sing-along vocals and catchy hooks.

One of the runaway successes of Reasons Not To Sleep is the wonderfully catchy Shogun Queen, which is brimming with sheer energy and momentum, and has a chorus you’ll want to sing along to. Coupled with the powerful and prominent drums that seem made for a crowd to clap along to, it’s one of those songs that looks set to be a staple of Miss Vincent’s live set for a long time to come.

As a whole, Reasons Not To Sleep is an accessible listen that looks set to do very well for the band – there’s a lot of potential to be found within these six tracks.


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