Behind The Scenes: Miss Vincent On New Video How Much Further

Miss Vincent

The follow up to their well received 2013 EP Creepy, Reasons Not To Sleep sees Southampton’s Miss Vincent switching it from creepy to gloomy. Playing their self-styled ‘moody punk rock’, paying homage to the likes of Alkaline Trio and AFI, RNTS see them take their craft to the next level. With their EP having seen release earlier this month, Miss Vincent talk about the creation of the music video for lead single How Much Further.

As with all of our music videos, we shot How Much Further? ourselves. Alex’s day job is actually in television, so if he doesn’t already have it, he can get his hands on just about any camera equipment we’re likely to need. Doing it ourselves is great for two reasons – it means we’re in total control of everything and it keeps costs down which is a plus, as anyone in a band will appreciate.

For the video we wanted a real spooky vibe, so we basically took over this big, old manor for 12 hours. Just the band, Alex’s brother, our actress Lucy, and a couple of our friends. It was a long day, particularly for Alex as he was shooting, lighting, directing, and of course performing as well.

We spent the morning setting up the living room for the performance portion of the video and shooting all the group shots. The house has all these old wooden beams and columns, and wallpaper that reminded us of old black and white horror films, as well as a very cool grand piano. We set our gear up in the corner and just went for it. We wanted to change as little as possible about the house and blend in as much as we could.

The concept for the video is pretty simple but it conveys the themes of the song perfectly. It’s just about chasing something but never really knowing if it exists at all. We shot a bit of it in the basement of the house, which looked like something out of a B-movie, complete with what looked like a jail cell. It was cold, wet and creepy as hell in there, but it was a great location for filming.

In between shooting we spent the day eating pizza, winding each other up and playing with tarot cards. It was a lot of fun and we’re stoked on the end result.

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Reasons Not To Sleep saw release on 11th May via Engineer Records. See our review here.

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