Miss Vincent – Creepy Review

Formed in Guildford in 2012, this punk rock 4-piece unleash their debut EP; Creepy, and by looking at the cover alone, it’s apparently obvious who this band take their influence from. A very Alkaline Trio/Bad Religion vibe going on, and as it turns out, these are merely two of many high profile punk rock influences!

That said, it’s a great start before we even get to any music, so it’s a relief to discover opening track Deadlock is an absolute TUNE. Catchy, melodic, it oozes a feel-good party vibe from every note played by the band (consisting of Alex Marshall, Lawrie Pattison, Jack Donnelly and Owain Mainwaring).

I Don’t Want This exposes more of the Bad Religion influence that has helped form Miss Vincent. Simple yet well played, a proper punk rock number. Planning To Fail was the first single to be released from the EP. Another quality tune, ticking all the right boxes and leaving you wonder how on earth these guys are currently unsigned.

Carry On keeps things flowing with another fast paced number, no letting up here. A potentially huge punk anthem in the making. In a way it’s unfair as if NOFX or Zebrahead released this it would be massive. Miss Vincent are punching well above their weight and it’s brilliant!

Closing track Testing Times is another flawless punk rock track, ending the EP as it started: with a bang. When a band takes influence by other great bands and do it properly, not simply becoming a carbon copy or a failed tribute, it’s a beautiful thing. Miss Vincent have nailed it here with Creepy. A superb effort from the unsigned quartet. One of THE releases of 2013.


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