Mind Museum – One Blood Review

One Blood mind museumMind Museum are back with their latest offering in the form of an EP entitled One Blood. As far as it goes, it’s not the most original or innovative music out there as there’s a lot of bands out there that sound very similar to them, but it’s a decent effort all the same.

Although the songs are good, something that swiftly becomes apparent as the EP progresses is the fact that all the songs are constructed in a fairly similar way to one another so there isn’t a massive amount of differentiating between the tracks. Although Mind Museum have found a formula that works with them and are running with it, it means that the songs don’t quite make the impression that they could – a little more variety could work wonders for the three-piece and unfortunately, nothing quite stands out as being amazing.

A very nice touch to the EP is the fact it comes bundled with bonus acoustic versions and remixes of some of the songs. Seeing different takes on the songs really works in their favour and the acoustic tracks are especially good. Hearing raw and stripped-back renditions of Wake Up and Lie To Me add another string to the band’s bow. Acoustic can be quite an unforgiving format for a track as everything is stripped bare, so it’s good to see that Mind Museum deliver here.

Although it’s a shame that some of the ‘bonus’ content outshone the main body of the EP, One Blood certainly isn’t a bad release – it just feels like the band aren’t quite reaching their full potential.


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