Mindless Self Indulgence – PINK Review

Mindless Self Indulgence PinkThere is only one band that could epitomize the meaning of boisterous concisely.  While not more of the same Pink is grandiloquent but hints at the haute attitude that Mindless Self Indulgence became and it is also really good.  With fifteen remastered demos Pink has, that those familiar with MSI will be able to hear, a connection to their previously released albums through influences drawn together.  It’s a really vivid collection of divergent muses, token rhymes and sonic exploration.

Pink may be nostalgia for pliant rascal Little Jimmy Urine but the obnoxious mix of good music is an ultramodern supplement to a whole era of influence.  Defining Mindless Self Indulgence is like trying to season word salad and the blend of unprecedented music Mindless Self Indulgence does is retrograding on Pink in an entirely new circle of inferno.  Rewinding the proverbial master tape and exploring what could of been over a few edits and mixes then finding it even better now.

There is a defiant and confrontational aspect throughout MSI’s career that although fun and impish it creates powerful controversial opinions on their art form, and it is an art form spanning twenty years of dealing high-brow/low-impact musical abstractions. Although Pink is not a masterpiece (and it doesn’t try to be) it is a wealthy gallery of divulgent and conspicuous work that articulates the will for Mindless Self Indulgence honestly.

Pink is not just service for the fans, it’s for everyone and their relatives, and it should be played at weddings, funerals, during Ramadan and Kurt Cobains anniversary.  The variable production values from track to track make it sound like it’s never before heard MSI remixes shuffling. In fact why stop to listen to Pink only on occasion? Listen to it constantly, like Einstein would (and probably did.)


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