Mikko Joensuu – Amen 2 Review

mikko-joensuu-amen-2Back in June, we brought you a review of the first part of Mikko Joensuu’s three-part album Amen and he’s now almost ready to release part two, the suitably titled Amen 2.

There’s a fuller and bigger sound to this piece as a whole, but a particularly good thing about this release is the fact that opener Drop Me Down serves as a nice linking point between parts 1 and 2, as it’s a slower and more stripped-back track in comparison to the others. However, it doesn’t sound out of place in the slightest and as it uses elements from both albums, it bridges the gap well between the pair – there’s a very natural flow from the closing track of Amen 1 to this song.

There’s plenty of fantastic inclusions on Amen 2 and one of the strongest is the suitably titled Sunshine, which feels like a ray of sunlight bursting through your speakers, and the electronic elements of the song really work in its favour. It’s an uplifting track that manages to be both ambient and energetic, and it’s just a glorious musical number that you’ll keep wanting to come back to.

All in all, Amen 2 consists of another great collection of tracks and is a fantastic follow-up to part one. They slot together perfectly to form part of a bigger picture – and now all that’s missing is the third and final part!


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