Mike Brun – Little Blues Review

We all need a break from loud, aggressively screaming bands once in a while and for these occasions, Soundscape Magazine offers you Mike Brun and his latest album Little Blues. With five songs, an acoustic guitar and his very calming voice, Mr. Brun invites you to take 20 minutes off from life and all your duties and responsibilities in order to relax a little and to sort your thoughts. All you have to do is press play, sit back and enjoy.

Little Blues is thoughtful, gentle and warm like a hug you really needed, especially with songs like The Place or Fall You In. Little Blues is pure and simple like white, fresh sheets on your bed with songs like To Every Voice A Map. Little Blues could easily be the soundtrack to your rainy sunday, to your coffee break on a busy day and it could calm you down to fall asleep at night. A real great relaxer.


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