Midnight Odyssey – Shards Of Silver Fade Review

Shards Of Silver Fade Midnight OdysseySimply grand, if one word could encapsulate this album, it would be grand. Shards Of Silver Fade, Midnight Odysseys’ second full-length is beyond the infinity of thoughts. The sole reverence of Dis Pater, an Australian troubadour, who captures both beauty and ire within an artisans’ polish.

A masterpiece to revere Shards Of Silver Fade is a conscientious opus and is as progressive as it is visionary. Shards Of Silver Fade transcends with each canto and pushes beyond the boundaries of contemporary expectations like a deadly Gryphon hunting from above. With beautiful pads spacing the contours of this familiar reverberant trip, Shards Of Silver Fade is a top-down (all about that high-end frequency treble) view between a maelstrom of peaking sonata and is most definitely breathtaking.

Ornery in time – covering over two hours and twenty-three minutes – the lengthy pretense is easy to baulk at but in consideration to the composition an incredible and worthwhile journey fraught with incredible aural vistas. As the genre territory describes with detail setting up fascination in music is no mere feat. The openness to such affirmations makes harmony out of the depraved ugliness in this style. Black metal as it was intended.

Relative musically to doom and goth however the consideration to moving within operatic principles is made emphatically to marvel by descending into an immense tale and is truly an assimilating experience. Intrinsically epic black metal woven Shards Of Silver Fade is more akin to a honorific tapestry or another concentrated type of effigy through its conscientious detail.


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