Midday Committee – Girls In Open C Review

Midday Committee - Girls In Open CThe sun is shining, we’re heading for summer and pop punk is making its return in the best possible way. Midday Committee have that summer of 2004 sound to them. The album has an Intro and then kicks off into that summer vibe that pop punk likes to bring with it. I Swear I’m Going To Pistol Whip The Next Guy That Says Shenanigans is catchy as hell and you’ll be singing it in no time.

The riffs are catchy and the songs make you want to jump up and down and sing out loud.

For a slightly different feel to the album, track Casino is still lively but it’s slightly more serious too. It’s a track that really showcases the vocal talents and the musical talents of the band.

Hometowns is an instant sing-a-long hit. It’s easy to pick up the lyrics and you’ll be belting them in no time.

The final track on the album Just Me And You features Christina Rotondo from Searching Alaska. Their voices accompany each other incredibly well and it suits the acoustic nature of the track very well.

The album is a short burst of jolly sunshine and it should be on anyone’s playlist for the summer.


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