Interview With Michael Vescera

We recently caught up with legendary vocalist Michael Vescera for a chat. Find out what we asked him below.

Michael VesceraCould you introduce yourself to the readers of Soundscape?
Hello, this is Michael Vescera, lead vocalist for Obsession and Animetal USA, former lead vocalist for Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen.

We’re about a month and a half into 2014 so far – what’s in the works for this year?
A new Obsession CD will be in the works this year as well as a new Animetal USA CD later this year!! Also, a tour/shows are being booked for Obsession and I’ll also be doing a solo show that covers my career!!

What went well about 2013?
Really, just the normal stuff, shows, recording, promotions. I was also fortunate to complete my studio here in Nashville. With my crazy schedule, this was a great thing to get sorted!

Did anything not go as well?
Not really, everything went quite well!

You’ve performed lead vocals for so many incredible bands over your career – what would you say your favourite one has been?
Honestly, I couldn’t say. All of then have been special in some way. It’s always a great learning experience. I’ve also had the great pleasure to play with some of the greatest musicians in the world!

I particularly loved your vocal performance on Silent Voices’ track Reign Of Terror. How did that collaboration come about?
Thank you! Really quite simple, the guys had contacted me about participating on the song. They sent me the track to check out and I really loved it, so I agreed to be part of it. Great song!!

If you could work with any musician or artist, who would you choose?
I think something with Brian May would be great, I’ve always loved Queen. Also a big fan of Michael Schenker, always thought we would create something great together. I was at one point in negotiations with his camp to collaborate with him, but unfortunately, this didn’t work out at the time!

What would you say the best live show you’ve played has been?
I would have to say Budokan, Tokyo Japan. I was fortunate enough to play there with both Loudness and Yngwie. Both shows were filmed for live DVDs. The venue is so legendary and an awesome experience to play!

And maybe the strangest or weirdest?
I would have to say, there’s were some interesting shows while I was with Yngwie, the craziest things could happen at any time. Not a particular one, there was too many to choose one!

Is there anywhere you’d like to perform that you haven’t already played?
I’ve never performed in Russia or China(mainland), these are 2 places I would love to play. I understand there’s a great many fans in both. I’ve been fortunate to play most countries throughout the world and play for many great fans!!

And finally – if you could put your name to a product, what would it be?
An action figure would be great! There’s a possiblity that Animetal USA may have our characters released as action figures as part of our merchandise collection. This would be interesting, sort of like the Kiss doll thing!

Obsession: Website|Facebook
Animetal USA: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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