Metsatöll – Karjajuht Review

Metsatöll - KarjajuhtMetsatöll have always been a constant in the folk metal scene and it’s clear why because they’re a thoroughly consistent band, releasing blinder after blinder of an album – and their latest offering Karjajuht is no exception.

Karjajuht is everything you’d expect from a Metsatöll album, with gloriously epic instrumentation and powerful unique vocals, and showcases the band on top form as you progress through the album. A swift early favourite is See On See Ma, starting off with a more acoustic/stripped-back approach before slowly adding more and more until the vocals kick in and it slows down a tad. It’s almost like a rollercoaster of a track with all the twists and turns it takes, which is good because you half don’t know what to expect next with it!

Another strong inclusion is Surmamüür, with instrumentation so catchy you can’t help but want to skip and dance along to it – I can tell that this will become a firm live favourite if Metsatöll decide to make this a staple of their live set for years to come as it will surely induce a moshpit worthy of the rowdiest hobbits in the Shire – and it’s just an energetic and fun song that makes the best possible impression.

The album is rounded up nicely with its foot-tappingly good title track and finally mini-epic Talisman that serves as a satisfying end to Karjajuht with glorious instrumentation that slowly fades away to silence.

Sure, there are perhaps no surprises to be found as far as a Metsatöll album goes, but with an offering this strong, it doesn’t really matter.


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