Metalite – Heroes In Time Review

Power metal is a balancing act between being inspiring and not sounding like a pack of ex-police dogs who have found a care package of ecstasy and proceeded to get religious about shit. Metalite are situated on the fulcrum of that pinion and tend towards the former. Their first album together Heroes In Time, while high on saw waves, is a sensational blood pumping gem with profound melodic leverage. Plus maybe just a hint of cheese. You can’t truly power play without cheeses.

One of the most prominent aspects of this album is the heavy involvement of full on electronic synth sounds. It’s an interesting dynamic in contrast to the organic compositions and Metalite integrate this duality effectively into a highly energized atmosphere. While covering all the bases of power metal in the original sense the added dimension of these brazenly artificial and bright sounds galvanize the songs in euphoria and make them shine.

There’s a lot of depth to this album and throughout its many layers Metalite ceaselessly entertain, and with never a dull moment. Their song writing is concise and detailed where each song stacks the intensity created from the last. The riffs are emphatic and each bridge and hook only furthers the incredible resonance of their emotive compositions. Creating an album that’s not just a collection of songs but a listening experience.


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