Mesetiah – Tesis Review

Mesetiah TesisSometimes, all it takes is a few seconds of the opening track of an EP to know you’re going to like it, and that’s exactly the case with Finnish death metal band Mesetiah’s latest offering Tesis.

The opening chords of the first song The Abomination just hit you like a tonne of bricks and there is instantly a beautiful heaviness to the band’s sound. The sound quality is clear and extremely tight, which really helps with your enjoyment of the music because it’s always great to hear music in such perfect clarity. The guitar solo at the end is tremendous and things lead nicely into Legacy Of The Damned, which is more of a grower at first but as soon as the groove-filled guitar line kicks in just after the one-minute mark, you can’t help but want to move about and bang your head along to it.

It’s the rather aptly titled Contagious that is the runaway success of the EP, however. Contagiously catchy, the guitar line is one of those earworms that rattles around in your head for days, making you keep wanting to revisit the song for “one more listen”. This isn’t a song you can just play and then forget about – this is one slab of sheer awesomeness.

Tesis is an almighty listen and Mesetiah have definitely outdone themselves with this. Is 2014 going to be the year this band takes the world by storm? Judging by this, quite possibly!


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