Singled Out: Memoirs – Run To Me

memoirs run to me

Los Angeles, are you ever going to slow down on giving us great music? Apparently not anytime soon, and this is made apparent with the exciting new single Run To Me by the genre bending sound of Memoirs. This is a track that has not only great production, but well thought out structure and many unique layers of sound, dare I say that there is a lot here for many different type of listeners.

Opening up in such a way that Radiohead or Muse would appreciate, the song quickly adds an almost Killers type sound, but with a unique edge that makes Memoirs their own entity. Often it is a great mistake to compare musicians endlessly to other artists, as it leaves no room to see the original work to be found within, so in the vein of not wanting to overshadow what Memoirs brings to the table, I will refrain more from comparison.

The track Run To Me is both devious and beautiful. From the opening piano, the emotional vocals and the professional level of sound quality, it is clear that memoirs is here to make a serious statement about why they deserve to be here. There is no shortage of layers of sound that help to make this track an instant hit, and I have no doubt that it will be. With a catchy beat, on point mixing, and exciting vocals that are truly a pleasure to hear, this is not a track that you should pass up on.

If I had any sort of constructive criticism to add, and keep in mind this is more just a personal taste of where I like songs to take me, I would have hoped that the song would have built up to a more intense ending. I can’t help but feel that a song like this begs for an ending that drives the point home loudly, but still, this is one great track. I don’t know if we will ever stop being blessed with great music from LA, but it is songs like this that prove just how strong the music scene there is.

My only question left is, where do I find more from this exciting band?


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