Megosh – Apostasy Review

megosh-apostasyOkay, I’ll admit that the first thing that drew me towards Megosh’s new album Apostasy was the cover because I goddamn love owls, but I’m glad I decided to check this out because it’s a really good album.

A particularly strong point of the album is the vocal performance. Both approaches are given to a high standard, with the clean vocals sounding very smooth and gentle, and the harsh vocals controlled and punchy. The combination is fantastic and help to give the album an extra lift as a result – there’s lots of moments where you’ll want to sing along to the clean sections, and bang your head to the harsh bits!

Consisting of fourteen tracks in total, Apostasy is perhaps a little on the lengthy side, but nevertheless there’s lots of great songs for you to contend with. From the beautiful and emotive acoustic number Ice Melts to the more hard-hitting earlier song Desperada which will no-doubt be stuck in your head for days after listening to it, the variety is good and it gives the album a lot of momentum as a result.

All in all, a great album and a fine listen. There’s no doubting that Megosh have worked hard at creating a varied and interesting album, which is good because it keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.


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