Meadows End – The Sufferwell Review

Meadows End The SufferwellIt has to be said that Meadows End have constructed something rather good with The Sufferwell but on the other hand, there’s nothing about the music that truly sets them apart from other bands in the melodic death metal genre.

The Sufferwell is certainly an album that warrants much more than just a glance because the songwriting is excellent, and the sound quality and mixing is absolutely top-notch. Tracks such as Devilspeed Loathekill and Trench Of Souls really pack a punch, and in particular This Coming Nightfall is a formidable offering that features some wildly catchy and engaging symphonic sections that worm their way into your head and get your foot tapping along to them.

However, as far as the album goes, there’s nothing new or exciting that makes it unique and stand out from the crowd. There’s no mistaking that Meadows End are talented at what they do, especially since the album doesn’t feature a single song that could be perceived as ‘bad’, but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before when it comes to melodic death metal – and in such a densely populated genre, it can be all too easy to blend into the scenery.

Like mentioned earlier, there really are some great songs on the album and if you love melodeath, you’ll clearly love this, but it’s frustrating because there’s nothing that sets Meadows End apart from the rest of the scene.


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