Me And That Man – Songs Of Love And Death Review

Me And That Man - Songs of Love And Death - ArtworkMe And That Man is a collaborative effort from John Porter (the renowned British/Polish rock musician) and Nergal (perhaps better known for his work with Behemoth!) and although it’s a combination that perhaps doesn’t sound like it should work on paper, Songs Of Love And Death is a great little bluesy/folksy stripped back listen that you’ll definitely want to revisit.

When it comes to more organic and acoustic music, generally the musicians have to work harder in order for the music to leave an impression on you, and although there’s a fairly relaxed vibe to the music as a whole, the album as a whole is very impactful. There’s a lot of raw emotion injected into the music and it lends itself well to the duo’s sound.

A particularly good track that features on the album is Shaman Blues, which occurs fairly late on in the album. Although the slower and dreamier songs are excellent too (just check out Of Sirens, Vampires And Lovers!) this faster-paced song really hits the spot and it features a nice big chorus seemingly tailor-made for singing along to – and there’s even a seriously kickass guitar solo in it to wind it up with a rather epic bang!

As a whole, Songs Of Love And Death is a good listen. Perhaps a little more variety on the album would be nice but all in all, Me And That Man have created a great album – now here’s to many more!


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