Mayday Parade – Monsters In The Closet Track By Track Review

After 3 successful albums under their belt and touring with huge names such as You Me At Six, All Time Low and Pierce The Veil, numerous Headline Tours and appearing on nearly every US Warped Tour since 2007, Mayday Parade are back in the saddle with their 4th studio album, Monsters in The Closet to take the world by storm. So go and get the tissues. because Mayday Parade are back with their heart tugging lyrics and stunning instrumental lines!

The song opens up with a slow build-up of harmonies and the track definitely gives high expectations of what to expect from the rest of the album. This song has everything: piano, guitar solos that will melt your face and wonderful harmonies. The only thing it lacks is a solid chorus as there isn’t one per se, just similar sounding melodies.

The song opens with the chorus and it has rather harsh, cynical lyrics. It’s got a real pop punk feel with the upbeat drums, joyous guitar, prominent bass lines and a sing along chorus, that not only you can sing along to at the top of your lungs, it will embed itself in your brain like a positive parasite!

Late Night for a Table of Two
This may be the heaviest Mayday Parade song ever written, opening with a raw, powerful instrumental of distortion, and a metal drum beat. Mayday Parade has been hiding a gem within their ranks and he has the spotlight in this song. The new vocals bring a raw husky feel to the song and give it a heavy rock song feel and an extra something that former Mayday Parade singer, Jason Lancaster took, which is fantastic to hear.

12 Though 15
A huge contrast to the previous song, it opens with what sounds like a man on the phone and then the bass kicks in and what a fantastic breath of fresh air that is – it’s nice to hear such a dominant bass line leading the song and it’s a slower song with beautiful lyrics. The use of female backing vocals gives the song a softer feel to the rest of the songs.

The Torment of Existing Weighed Against the Horror of Nonbeing
This song has a real Christmassy feel – gang vocals open the song with a Christmas style theme. The verses sound like the instrumentals are designed for a Christmas song but it works fantastically. This song shows of the skill of the bassist with a fantastic bass solo and the chorus is really catchy.

Even Robots Need Blankets
A peculiar name but this track opens with a heart tugging piano piece and the lyrics and the vocals are so emotional – not Miserable At Best emotional but still pretty emotional. The lyrics are very relatable and Derek sounds very passionate about this song.

Repent and Repeat

With complex riffs, powerful vocals, entrancing harmonies and flabbergasting build ups, this song will make you sing along at the top of your voice. The second chorus drops into the breakdown and it is chill inducing. The song ends in solo gang vocals that you will shout along with wherever you are.

This is a real singalong track and the backing vocals on this song are fantastic. With a mosh-worthy breakdown where the guitarist truly shows off his talent, this is a song that will get you in the mood for a 10K jog!

Sorry, Not Sorry
Possibly the most pop punk song on the album and it’s a stunner. The whole band show off their large amounts of talent in this song with the riff you will sing, the bass line that will make you dance, the drums you will drum along with and the vocals you will sing in the shower.

Nothing You Can’t Live Without, Nothing You Can Do About
This opens with ridiculously ‘happy’ gang vocals that turn into a jolly, upbeat verse and a bridge that’ll make you giggle with the wit and cleverness of the lyrics. This is an immensely powerful song and it will make your head bang and your foot tap along. I do not recommend you listen to this whilst driving!

Hold On To Me
A slow start that slowly builds up, this is more of a story and Derek is the storyteller and author. You can hear the pain in his voice, with a beautifully executed guitar riff and killer lyrics. This is a superbly constructed track.

The closing track on the album and is another slow song to end the album, in contrast to the opener of the album. The track has shared lead vocals and the harmonies are astounding, with tear worthy lyrics and complex guitar riffs. There isn’t a better song to end the album.

All in all this album is absolutely amazing, and is Mayday Parade’s strongest album, both musically and vocally to date. Although the lyrics may not have been on par with previous releases, this is still one heck of an album and you should definitely pick it up!


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