Maxi Curnow – Transition Review

Transition maxi curdowTransition is the debut release from alt-prog artist Maxi Curnow. Definitely leaning heavily on the softer side of the spectrum, it makes for a chilled and relaxing listen that’s accessible and easy on the ears.

Quite simply: Transition is a nice album, a gentle and smooth listen with each song flowing well to the next. There’s an almost-ethereal feel to the music with a haunting atmosphere to accompany and this is something that is upheld from start to finish, which really helps the album flow and leave more of an impression on you.

Instrumentally the music is tremendous too; from the soft guitar tones to the string sections, the balance is just right – it’s not overpowering yet it doesn’t quite blend into the background, holding your interest through each twist and turn. However, it does have to be said that vocally it does leave a little to be desired at times. The vocal performance doesn’t quite have that special something, sounding quite one-dimensional at times and it does feel like most of the emotion in the music comes from the instrumentation rather than the vocals, which is a shame.

As a whole, Transition is a great album, showing potential and room for Maxi Curnow to grow and evolve his music – it will be interesting to see what he does next.


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