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We recently caught up with the awesome MattyTWall for an insight into his musical tastes and influences.

On his choices, he said:
Now bear in mind that these song choices change from time to time and vary greatly. I could go from listening to Metallica, to Eminem, to Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Django Reinhardt to the Beatles. Music for me has no boundaries.

Now check them out and get involved below!

A song that influenced him
Crossroads – Cream (live version)

I remember first ‘seeing’ this song rather than hearing it. My dad was and still is a huge Clapton fan. Quite often he would play a live Cream video, and this song in particular just blew me away. Roaring blues guitar over a heavy sounding band – still my favourite way to play. It was strangely cool seeing all this crazy music coming out of Clapton’s guitar, while he was standing still and barely moving, apart from his intense facial expressions. Quite different to a Led Zep or Hendrix performance.

A song he wishes he could have written
Under Pressure – David Bowie/Queen

Every time I hear this song it is hard to comprehend how quickly it was put together in one sitting in the studio. So catchy, intense, thought provoking and incredibly brilliant vocal performances and melodies. Hard to beat the musical creativity of a combined Bowie and Queen.

His favourite song he’s written

I am a big fan of instrumental guitar music and I say this is my favourite as it is my favourite to play live. A hard tune to play, but very rewarding. Growing up, instrumental guitarists such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai were like gods to listen to, and I appreciate what it takes to build a purely instrumental guitar track. However, this song was mostly inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan – I think.

A song he’s been listening to a lot recently
Mojo Pin – Jeff Buckley
A New Level – Pantera

As I mentioned, my music tastes change from month to month. Last month I had Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power album on heavy rotation (Wildly aggressive and super-intense metal album). Now I am chilling out a bit more, listening and learning from who I believe to be one of the most expressive and talented male vocalists of modern times – Jeff Buckley. His singing abilities are just incredible, and his songwriting is so powerful.

His all time favourite song
Romeo & Juliet – Dire Straits

This song has always had an effect on me, it is a great tune. Mark Knopfler is one of my favourite guitarists purely for his touch and his tone. He can craft a great story too and this is no exception. This is a song that for me, whenever I hear it, I stop everything I’m doing just to be immersed the scene that it sets and the beautiful guitar tones contained within.

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