Martelo Negro – Equinócio Espectral Review

Martelo Negro Equinócio EspectralEquinócio Espectral is the latest offering from Martelo Negro and it’s almost difficult to pin down the band to just one specific genre or style as they don’t seem afraid to experiment and try new things with this album.

There’s a primarily a good amount of black metal and thrash, and the two go hand-in-hand together, with tracks such as Inferno Abysmal and Sacramento Maldito working especially well. There’s an innate darkness to it all and the vocals sound wonderfully mysterious and deep, yet there’s a sheer amount of force and energy that gives the music a lot more life than you might expect.

One of the strongest tracks and a particular highlight is Ouroboros, Constrictora, which has a bit of a punky feel atop of everything else, which is quite unique. There’s a highly energetic drumline that’s backed up with a funky little bassline moving in sync with the guitars and it all helps to keep things moving – this is a track that would surely be a formidable song in a live environment.

Overall, Equinócio Espectral is a great listen, especially if you’re after something a little different – it will be interesting to see what direction Martelo Negro will take next.


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