Marmozets – Tramshed Cardiff, 2/02/18

When their debut The Weird and The Wonderful came out it created shockwaves amongst the rock scene back in 2014 and their live shows that followed it were mesmerising. The band were young, fiery, and rising fast. Four years later and their absence has certainly been noticed. With the release of Knowing What You Know Now it’s been highly anticipated. Marmozets feel like a new band but that isn’t a bad thing.

The only support tonight comes from Nottingham anarchic rockers Queen Zee who make clear their stance on any discrimination from the get go. The crowd jest in favour and shake their hips to their quirky beats. A thrilling opener that gives life to this Friday night.

Having seen Marmozets a couple months back in Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach it was a welcomed intimate return and tonight feels somewhat the same as old and new fans collide on their latest release Knowing What You Know Now.

Only a couple songs into the set and an emotional Becca confronts the crowd, “You make me feel more confident”, for a moment forgetting how hard it must be to throw yourself back into the scene from where you left and fulfil high expectations. Move Shake Hide sets the groove for the rest of night with occasional pits and plenty of sing alongs.

Looking like a more adept band they swing from album to album – from the slower 90s inspired Insomnia to pulse racing Particle to rhythm friendly Play. The band throughout look for approval but stay tight together. More impressive is Becca’s vocals which sway from hallowing screams to high rhythms.

The way in which Becca talks in recent interviews about changes and embracing it, in a way, could be the same for fans about embracing a newer mature sound. To be truly honest when I first caught them live back in 2012 my first reaction was who the hell are these kids and what nonsense are they playing… it sounded messy but it’s captivating what a few years can do to fine tune a band, to personally explore new styles and enjoy a band you once didn’t understand, and just as Becca has touched on, embrace changes. They were and still remain to be a band that took charge and created the best of a situation.

“Where are the trouble makers?”, luckily there were a few in the room who entice some good old crowdsurfing and pits. A hungry Marmozets plead quite aggressively to the crowd as guitarist Sam questions “Are you with us?” trying to entice more chaos.

What lets the night down is the sound quality in the venue, a tinny feel that echoes and isn’t loud enough to fully enjoy Marmozets detail.

They end on Captivate You, a track that has the whole venue singing back whilst the band play out admiringly – a touching ending to the first night of their UK tour. As they throw their picks out to the crowd who’re in awe they refuse to believe it’s the end of the set and wait hopeful for more. But alas, no more.


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