Manumit – Fuck Genres, Love Music Review

Manumit ‘Fuck Genres, Love Music’


We first introduced you to the hugely talented multi instrumentalist masked man that is Manumit last month and since then he has been very busy.

This is Manumit’s debut EP and what you’ll find here are 4 tracks of a massively entertaining mix of rock, dubstep, metal, dance, electro, punk and hardcore, which sounds crazy but, believe me, it really works.

The EP kicks off in superb style with ‘I Can Feel It’, a largely instrumental, fist pumping, ass shaker of a track, it’s a great opening number.

Next up is ‘The Instructor’, a full on dance track with some great breakdowns and a very cool sampled. speech-like vocal.

First single and video ‘Walk Away’ is up next and is a full on rock/dubstep style track with some great vocals, which range from clean singing to some aggressive screaming. This song is what Manumit is all about, a perfect mix of so many genres and styles that works perfectly.

Final track ‘Activate’ is another largely instrumental one, huge sounding and driven along with a melodic piano line.

This EP is set for release on May 3rd with a celebratory show at Hobos in Bridgend and with Manumit’s awesome live show it’s not one you want to miss.




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